A Full Service Fashion Handbag Company from Concept to Completion

About Us

HB Connections was founded in 2003, fueled by a vision: to become a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of fashion handbags for the world’s largest fashion retailers and brands. Led by an experienced executive team, HB offers a complete portfolio of services tailored to our client’s needs in the sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, sales, branding and marketing of women’s and men’s fashion handbags, small leather goods, cosmetic bags and fashion accessories.

In recent years, HB has successfully established a portfolio of brands which we design, produce and distribute worldwide. We continue to expand our house of brands, which include some of the worlds most influential celebrities, household names and heritage brands.

Our products, operations and retail partners can be found in over 125 countries.


• Founded in 2003
• Offices in Canada, USA and China
• We employ over 150 people

• Over 10 million units of production per year
• Global distribution across our portfolio of brands

Our Areas of Expertise





Diversity & Inclusion

“At HB Connections, we strive to include values of diversity & inclusion in every step of our business from our recruitment, development and retention processes to the products and services we create and provide. Diversity drives creativity, and that is what our company is all about.”

David Sachs, President & CEO


85% of the HB Headquarters Workforce is Female, 90% of Executive Managers are Female.

Cultural & Ethnic
HB Connections Board is made up of 60% cultural diverse directors.

Age & Disability 
Mentorship & Internship Programs target women & special needs college students.

Licensed Brands Focusing On D&I
Forever 21 (minority & ethnically diverse campaigns, culturally sensitive products), Kendall+Kylie (genderless  styling, inclusive sizing).

Company Initiatives
HB Offers new moms and dads industry leading maternity and parental leave top up payments, and opportunity to reduce work related travel following their return to the office.

Mental Health Initiatives
HB Offers webinars on nutrition, mental health in the workplace, and weekly fitness challenges to maintain a positive mental and physical health.

Production & Sourcing
100% of HB Connections Production is done in ethnically compliant factories with high standing labor, health and environmental standards.

Doing Our Part

Responsible Material Sourcing. Ethical Factories.

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword. It’s a mandate. As we move from climate urgency to emergency, HB Connections is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact, while ensuring ethical anufacturing focused on the health, safety and fair compensation of its workforce. Sustainable material sourcing and production processes are no longer limited to the luxury market and we are proud to offer responsible options for all price points.


Sustainable Material Sourcing

HB Connections is committed to implementing high quality sustainable material programs and production processes across our brands and partner collections in order to ensure environmental responsibility.

We are constantly looking to expand our material library, keeping in pace with the latest technological advancements. Our sustainable materials library spans the following, amongst others:

  • Natural Leather Alternatives from Corn, Cactus, Pineapple, etc
  • Water-Based Vegan Leather
  • Biodegradable Leather
  • Unbleached Responsibly Sourced Cotton&Canvas
  • Post-Consumer Waste Polyester
  • Natural Pigment
  • Dyes Biodegradable Packaging